BAFTA winning actress, Vicky is best known for her work in BBC's Line of Duty, Svengali, Broadchurch as well as the films of Shane Meadows. She starred as Ladine, Romeo's sister, in A Room for Romeo Brass and the iconic 'Lol' in Meadows' most successful film, This Is England. Similarly she went on to continue playing Lol in Meadows' critically acclaimed TV series' This Is England '86, ;88 and '90.. She is a huge music fan and along with her partner, Jonny Owen, a DJ playing across the UK & Europe at major music festivals such as Bestival, Y Not, Paleo and Isle of Wight.

Jonny has worked in TV and film since the late 1990's and is the writer and creator of Svengali, a cult internet series which the Evening Standard and NME called 'the best series on the net'. He plays the manager of an up-and-coming band. It is based on his own experiences in the music industry to the point that he named the character 'Dixie' after the manager of his own band. He would later adapt Svengali into a feature film starring himself, Martin Freeman, Maxine Peake, Matt Berry and Vicky McClure.


Vicky and Jonny will discuss the music that matters the most to them and then later in the Lighthouse, Dún Laoghaire they will be performing a DJ set.

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